Honors College

Love truth, kindle faith, and cultivate virtue in friendship, study, and service to Christ and neighbor.

The Honors College unites two majors and two programs committed to helping undergraduates pursue questions that often fall between the cracks of the specialized disciplines, by exploring the writings of scientists along with the writings of poets, historians, and philosophers.


The Honors College brings together a community of students and faculty devoted to the love of learning, to the cultivation of wonder, and to pursuing life’s most important questions both within and outside of the classroom. Students engage in rich conversations with prominent faculty through two distinct undergraduate majors, University Scholars and Great Texts, as well as two programs, the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and the Honors Program.

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Honors Residential College

The Honors Residential College (HRC) is an optional multi-year community that fosters intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation through friendship, integrated study, community service, and spiritual engagement. The HRC is home to 330 Baylor students enrolled in one of the Honors College majors or programs above. The HRC is located in Alexander and Memorial Halls.

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Apr. 2, 2024
Alumna Spotlight: Robin Landrith (BA, ’16)

The Honors College looks forward to welcoming Honors Program and Great Texts alumna Robin Landrith, (BA, ’16) back to campus on April 19 as she gives the keynote address for this year’s Academic Honors Convocation. Landrith, known for her four-year tenure as starting catcher on the Baylor Softball team, exemplified unwavering competitiveness both on and off the field throughout her time at Baylor. 

Mar. 30, 2024
Q&A with Great Texts Program Director William Weaver, Ph.D.

After nearly one year at the helm, Great Texts Program Director William Weaver, Ph.D., reflects in this Q&A on his new role and expands on what makes studying Great Texts so transformative. 

Mar. 28, 2024
Honors College Students Share their Spring Break Experiences

In a showcase of three distinct journeys, Honors College students recount their spring break adventures. Their stories testify to the varied ways in which students seek enlightenment, growth, and connection during their breaks from academic pursuits. 

Mar. 18, 2024
Dean's Update - March 18, 2024

Last year, Barbara Kingsolver won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for her novel, Demon Copperhead. Inspired by Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield, Kingsolver lays bare the woeful lives of orphans in drug-addicted America. Her setting isn’t London, but southwest Virginia; her critical target isn’t first wave industrialism, but big pharma. Narrated by the grownup title character, nicknamed Demon Copperhead, Kingsolver’s novel is brutal and beautiful.