Honors Program Alumnus Appointed as Louisiana’s Solicitor General

February 1, 2024
Ben Aguinaga

Honors Program alumnus Benjamin Aguiñaga (BA, ’12) was recently appointed as Louisiana's solicitor general. With a proven track record of legal excellence, Aguiñaga is set to bring his expertise to bear on critical issues facing the state. 

“When I was offered the position by Attorney General-elect Liz Murril, I was over the moon,” Aguiñaga said. “This is a dream job for a young attorney, and I hope to make Louisiana a better place than it was when I arrived.” 

In this role, Aguiñaga, a rising star in conservative legal circles, will represent Louisiana in federal court and handle high-profile issues facing the state. 

“There are many different areas where the law can bring about positive change for the state,” Aguiñaga said.  “I want to represent issues that will put the people of Louisiana in the best position they can be in to live life well.” 

After graduating from Baylor and completing his law degree at LSU, Aguiñaga went on to earn a U.S. Supreme Court clerkship with Justice Samuel Alito and has also clerked for Judge Edith Jones on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and Judge Don R. Willett (BBA, '88) on the Texas Supreme Court. (Judge Willett, now also serves on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, is a Baylor University Regent, and serves on the Honors College Advisory Council). Aguiñaga was also a member of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s Senate Judiciary Committee staff and chief of staff in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. 

“I’ve always had a soft spot for public service,” Aguiñaga said. “I think there is something wonderful about being able to represent other stakeholders, states, and government officials in court. Embedded in that is a responsibility that you, to the best of your ability, will act to protect and defend the interests of the various citizens who are governed.” 

Before beginning his law career, Aguiñaga found his way to Baylor because he was looking for a close-knit community that would foster his academic and spiritual growth. 

“I applied to Baylor on a whim, but when I came for a tour, I fell in love,” Aguiñaga said. “I was looking for a place that felt like another family, and so when I had the chance to walk through the Honors Residential College it felt like a dream come true because it was all like-minded individuals. And for me, the final piece of the puzzle was the faith component. I knew I was going to receive an education that was also going to have this overlay of faith on top of it that would speak to my spiritual growth as well.” 

As an undergraduate, Aguiñaga majored in political science and minored in mathematics and history. He attributes his varied academic interests and the interdisciplinary education he received through the Honors College to his success as an attorney. 

“One of the great ways in which the cross-discipline approach helped me is that each one of the subject areas that I studied gave me a different tool to use in how I live life and work today on a day-to-day basis,” Aguiñaga said. “What I learned from my math, philosophy, and history courses all fit into what I do now and I’m a huge beneficiary of the education I received.” 

For current students who are contemplating law school, Aguiñaga has one piece of advice: network well. 

“If you have a dream, look for people who have achieved that dream and reach out to them, and make a connection,” Aguiñaga said. “The best way to go about trying to achieve that dream for yourself is to learn from people who have already done it. If you can befriend them, learn from them, and adopt them as a mentor, you will cut a few years off your timeline because will be standing on the shoulders of giants.” 

Today, Aguiñaga and his wife have two children and live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.